Treifstead is a small fishing village located on Eurion’s border with The Sapphire Expanse. Life here in the village is mostly quiet and the town grows little more with each passing year. Treifstead is still small enough that they don’t have their own appointed magistrate, but instead are under the protection of Mr. Ofaril and his appointed town Reeve.

Business has been consistent for the past few years but has begun to dip as the Orcs from the nearby Rachiel mountains have begun to strike further and further out into Eurion.

The town currently plays host to an:

- Inn
- Tavern
- Leatherworker
- Tailor
- General Store
- Small Blacksmith
- Carpenter
- Small Library
- Several small fishing companies
- and a small set of docks/shipyards a few hundred yards outside of town on the shores of The Sapphire Expanse

The town Reeve left rather suddenly, citing personal reasons and giving essentially no notice. Magistrate Ofaril has just recently returned to town to deal with replacing him with another local townsman as the new Reeve.


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