The Betrayal of the Stars

I am Asshole... Destroyer of Ancient Culture!!!

Game of Terrible People

Aranyth started us off by explaining that their resources were very limited at the moment and all tied up in keeping their own species alive. That being said, he explained that some additional gear could be provided to the party assuming they were willing to penetrate behind enemy lines and retrieve it. He offered to send a young elf boy by the name of Luschian as a guide and the party agreed to go and recover the items.

They traveled into the evacuated part of the city and found a house with a secret tunnel inside of a hollowed out tree root. They traveled most of the way through it before realizing that the tunnel itself was on fire. After some investigation, they realized they were underneath the river that runs through the city and they made a hole in the root to allow the water from above to travel down the tunnel and put out the fire.

The hole was made just in time as the smoke from the fire overcame the group and they had to retreat back to the house. They gave it some time to put the fire out and then traveled back through the smoke filled tunnel. On the others side they found the burned remains of the house that once played host to the other side of the tunnel. The party ascended and took up disguises and hiding spots as they spotted a beholder coming down the lane towards them.

The Beholder detected them and combat ensued in which Luschian was disintegrated. The party managed to persevere and won the fight by the skin of their teeth. They moved onwards and in short order located the building that housed the items they were looking for. 3 brawny Orcs blocked the entrance, and to deal with them, Davide scoured the nearby foliage to find some poison and milled it into a couple bottles of cheap liquor that Nick had on hand.

Scott stepped up to the orcs and offered the alcohol before pounding his (the un-poisoned one), and the orcs followed suit, seizing and foaming at the mouth before dying about 30 seconds later. Nick used the key that was given to him by Aranyth to open the door and the party went inside, bringing in the dead orcs with them. Once inside they found themselves on the ground floor of a spacious round room housing 12 pedestals with various objects on them.

The party immediately began gathering up all the items and placing them in Nick’s bag. They ascended to the second floor and grabbed a few more items of armor including 4 pairs of boots that double overland travel speed. After gathering up their items, they returned to Aranyth with no further incident. He explained that the boots they found were their gift to the party but that he needed them to return the other items as they did not belong to them and would be needed in the defense of the city.


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