The Betrayal of the Stars

The Very Ground Beneath Our Feet Turns Against Us

Our evening of adventure began as the party returned to Lady Tara’s shrine with Naeris, the young elf boy who they had just cured of his unwelcome lycanthropy. Once back, they asked that Leshanna watch after the boy while they prepared for the journey back to The Dorvale to return the young boy to his family. They stepped out into the marketplace and gathered up their purchases. Not wanting to leave Davide behind, they found their way to one of the gates to the inner fortress. They described Davide to them but the guard found no trace of any elves in the prison.

As the party returned to the shrine, Nick’s vision began to swim, the world grew dark, and his breathing became very labored. When he finally came back around, his link to Lady Tara has been violently taken from him and his magic was no more. The ground beneath their feet began to shake and a large sound, as if the earth itself was wrenching itself apart. The sky above them grew dark almost in an instant and a torrential downpour began raining down upon the town.

The party rushed back to Lady Tara’s shrine and there found Naeris tending to an unconscious Leshanna. He explained that only moments before, she fell to the ground in a fitful sleep. They locked Naeris and Leshanna in the office and then made with all haste to the inner fortress. At the gate they found the ground had indeed torn open in a large gaping hold down to the Underdark. The city was in chaos and many of it’s citizens fought side by side with the military to fend off many varied denizens of the Underdark.

The party begrudgingly entered the fray, meeting up with a Knight Commander by the name of Helm. William and the Knight Commander managed to notice that the creatures were not pushing out into the city but were instead just keeping the friendly forces from gaining access to any buildings, after Nothic’s were seen entering the towers. Our party pushed forth and dispatched several groups of creatures including: a Chuul, Drow, Duergar, a Grell, Quaggoths, Giant Spiders, Giant Centipedes, Shadows, and a Drider.

Our party barely made it through the fray, but eventually they fought their way to the main castle, being reinforced with Knight Commander Helm. Nick accompanied the Knight Captain up the tower to the top floor where they found their way into the Archmage’s study. Archmage Naldan himself was on the floor, paralyzed by a group of Nothic’s that were paralyzing him, while a couple more scoured the bookshelves, looking for something.

Nick fought a couple of them but the remainder made off by magical means with several items they had pilfered from the study. Knight Commander tended to the Archmage and the Archmage confirmed to Helm that it seemed they were here to get whatever they made off with. Knight Commander and Nick returned down to the main floor and met back up with Scott and William.

They discussed their concerns regarding what was happening and Helm confirmed to them that the loss of divine power was not just limited to Lady Tara, but to the entire pantheon of good deities. Knight Commander Helm asked that the party rest the night in the trainee barracks and he would summon them to a council meeting in the morning. Before they settled down for the evening, the party returned to Lady Tara’s shrine and an otherwise friendly conversation quickly escalated to the point that William is no longer welcome there.

The party rested and recuperated from their wounds for the evening and arose, refreshed the next morning, and in the morning they were quickly summoned up to the council meeting.


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