The Betrayal of the Stars

Obligatory "We've Unleashed The Kraken!"

Our session began as the party entered the large meeting chamber wherein a group of leadership from the academy were discussing the events of the night before. They were invited to sit down and then a lively discussion began. Archmage Naldan voiced his theory that The Old Ones had escaped their prison within Pandemonium and were the ones that had taken the gods captive.

He went on further to explain that the items that had been taken from his study were several tomes that discussed Heartstones and a map that apparently could lead one right to the Heartstone of the Elves. His theory is that they do not intend to destroy all the races of Eldron, but instead to gain access to The Realm of The Songsmiths and corrupt the World Forges. The only way to discover what their true end goal is, was to send our party to The Dorvale to investigate and to warn them of what’s to come.

The party agreed to take on this quest and organized the supply of funds and fast transport to The Dorvale. They gathered up their things including Naeris, peddled their old horses, and then set off. The trip to the coast was an uneventful 2 days. Once they arrived, they located the ship that was to carry them to Cairndow, The Floating Oak. They boarded and met Captain Jonesy and the crew before being shown to their quarters and setting off.

During the night the party was violently roused as the ship was set on by a large eldritch sea monster. The battle raged across the deck of the boat and as our session drew to a close, all but 1 of the sailors and Captain Jonesy were dead and the discovery was made that when they destroyed one head, 2 more rose up to take its place…


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