The Betrayal of the Stars


Though all the crew members, aside from Captain Jonesy, were devoured by the sea monster, the party managed to dispatch it without too much difficulty and before any major damage was done to the ship masts. They took a moment to catch their breath and then Jonesy sent them down below to fetch someone who was apparently being held in a barrel.

Inside the indicated barrel, they found Davide, sans left eye. Davide had lost the eye a few days earlier at the hands of the unforgiving Angel Syndicate. They branded him a heretic and a criminal by removing his left eye with a hot poker and then banished him from the city, assuring him that they would kill him if they ever saw him within Diaprose again.

Captain Jonesy spent the rest of the day teaching the crew the rudimentary basics of how to sail the ship and they decided to rest from the day before making sail. The night passed uneventfully and the next 3 days were spent piloting the ship towards Ghennesport with little to moderate success. At the eve of the third day, Captain Jonesy assured everyone that they would make land by tomorrow afternoon and everyone retired for the evening.

The sun rose the next morning and everyone assembled on deck. Captain Jonesy was nowhere to be seen so William stepped up and attempted to pilot the ship, to no avail. Davide went to the Captain’s Quarters and found the door slightly ajar, inside on the floor they found Captain Jonesy, dead from a precision stab straight to the heart. The party questioned Naeris and searched the boat for any sign of intruders.

They found several items of note but no signs of any other people until they heard a splash off the side of the boat. Investigation found ripples in the water but didn’t reveal anything else. Nick gathered as much information about how to captain the boat from the materials in Captain Jonesy’s office and by dusk, the party had reached Ghennesport. They took the ship in for docking and didn’t slow down quite fast enough. The ship slammed into one of the docks and took out about 15 feet of it before coming to a stop.

William asked for some assistance from some of the dockhands and they settled the ship on another dock before several guards arrested the party for the destruction of the dock. The guards inquired as to the location of Captain Jonesy and William convinced them that he hadn’t come out of his quarters for quite some time. The guards broke down the door to the quarters and discovered the dead body. They immediately took the party to prison where they sat and waited overnight for what was to come next.

The next morning dawned and the city began to bustle, the party struck up a conversation with a “Dirk” in the next cell over who explained that they would receive breakfast shortly before being taken to trial. The party discovered that he knew Captain Jonesy and he admitted that he didn’t think they could be the ones to kill him. The guards arrived and passed out a quick breakfast before transporting them to the courthouse. On the way out of the jail, William asked the guards about Dirk and they said they had no idea what he was talking about.

Once at the courthouse, they were shown into a courtroom presided over by a judge and 4 other individuals. The judge read off the charges: destruction of state property and the murder of Captain Jonesy. There was some discussion back and forth and the judge kept asking them to provide some evidence of their innocence. The party realized that around the time they were arrested on the boat, they lost Naeris. They asked the judge about him but the judge kept saying that he didn’t see anything about a young boy in the report.

Given that claim, he said that he would move the party to a holding room while it was investigated. William asked if they could receive some sort of legal representation or at least consultation and as our session ended, the judge agreed to send someone in for a consultation within the holding room.


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