The Betrayal of the Stars

I am Asshole... Destroyer of Ancient Culture!!!
Game of Terrible People

Aranyth started us off by explaining that their resources were very limited at the moment and all tied up in keeping their own species alive. That being said, he explained that some additional gear could be provided to the party assuming they were willing to penetrate behind enemy lines and retrieve it. He offered to send a young elf boy by the name of Luschian as a guide and the party agreed to go and recover the items.

They traveled into the evacuated part of the city and found a house with a secret tunnel inside of a hollowed out tree root. They traveled most of the way through it before realizing that the tunnel itself was on fire. After some investigation, they realized they were underneath the river that runs through the city and they made a hole in the root to allow the water from above to travel down the tunnel and put out the fire.

The hole was made just in time as the smoke from the fire overcame the group and they had to retreat back to the house. They gave it some time to put the fire out and then traveled back through the smoke filled tunnel. On the others side they found the burned remains of the house that once played host to the other side of the tunnel. The party ascended and took up disguises and hiding spots as they spotted a beholder coming down the lane towards them.

The Beholder detected them and combat ensued in which Luschian was disintegrated. The party managed to persevere and won the fight by the skin of their teeth. They moved onwards and in short order located the building that housed the items they were looking for. 3 brawny Orcs blocked the entrance, and to deal with them, Davide scoured the nearby foliage to find some poison and milled it into a couple bottles of cheap liquor that Nick had on hand.

Scott stepped up to the orcs and offered the alcohol before pounding his (the un-poisoned one), and the orcs followed suit, seizing and foaming at the mouth before dying about 30 seconds later. Nick used the key that was given to him by Aranyth to open the door and the party went inside, bringing in the dead orcs with them. Once inside they found themselves on the ground floor of a spacious round room housing 12 pedestals with various objects on them.

The party immediately began gathering up all the items and placing them in Nick’s bag. They ascended to the second floor and grabbed a few more items of armor including 4 pairs of boots that double overland travel speed. After gathering up their items, they returned to Aranyth with no further incident. He explained that the boots they found were their gift to the party but that he needed them to return the other items as they did not belong to them and would be needed in the defense of the city.

Don't Drop the Soap
The session in which we were in prison... twice...

Our party was ushered into a holding room where shortly thereafter they were joined by a man who introduced himself as Daniel Hutter, a trade lawyer, who offered whatever assistance he could provide. The players outlined all that had happened to them and Daniel’s interest was piqued when they mentioned Naeris, the elf child. The merchants of Cairndow have been pushing hard lately to get their foot in the door so to speak within The Dorvale, and plumb their depths for the rich materials contained therein.

Daniel had William draw a picture of the guards faces that made the arrest and instantly knew them to have a bit of a shady reputation. He proposed that the guards who made the arrest kidnapped the child and plan to use him to leverage merchant access to The Dorvale. He advised that the party convince the judge that Naeris was essential to their defense in the case and that they could not proceed without him. Meanwhile Daniel would assist the government in searching for the guards and Naeris.

The party reconvened in the courtroom and after a bit of back and forth, convinced the judge that their claim of Naeris’ existence needed to be proven or disproven before a ruling could be made. Judge Hynes agreed and called a 24 hour recess to find the guards. The party spent the next 24 hours tensely waiting in prison before they were taken back to the courthouse. Once there, they received some shocking information.

The guards had indeed kidnapped Naeris, though the authorities had fortunately recovered him whole and were keeping him under guard. Additionally, they had found some additional items which had been taken from the boat. The first item was a note calling for an assassination of Captain Jonesy signed Belloral with a star shaped symbol underneath it. The second item was Captain Jonesy’s journal, the last entry of which was explaining that he had found this note and was very suspicious that the party, or one of its members, had been sent here to kill him.

Given this new information, Judge Hynes agreed to release the party at the cost of 500gp and said they could come back in an hour to pick up Naeris. The party returned to the prison and collected their things, then returned one final time to the courthouse to pay their fine and locate their horses. After the fine was paid, they headed to the docks district to pick up their stabled horses. Shortly thereafter they picked up Naeris and headed out of the city.

The 2 and a half day travel to the edge of The Dorvale was interrupted on the second night by a large Bugbear, however the party managed to take him down, sustaining only minor injuries. They arrived at the edge of the forest as the sun began to sink down in the sky the following day. William went into the forest to find some game and was taken down by a sleeping dart to the neck.

The party entered the forest to locate him and ended up being taken down by the same darts as well. They were all roused in the dead of the starry night within a wooden cage on the edge of a rather large elven outpost. The wood elves sparred and ravenously consumed meat around campfires, eventually 2 scouts came over to converse with the party. They explained that they had been taken prisoner because they were trespassing on their sacred land.

The party discussed things back and forth and they gleaned several bits of information from the scouts. Notably that a rift had already opened up under Nordrassil and that the city was under siege. As the scouts discussed in private, they watched as one of them grew chalk white pale and his eyes turned black, without a moments hesitation, he tore into his ally, biting at his neck and turning completely feral. The camp quickly broke down into chaos as more elves turned.

Sensing the urgent need to withdraw from this camp, Nick broke down the door and the party retreated into the forest. Once they stopped to catch their breath, Davide gathered his bearings and the party set out on a grueling 12 hour run to get to Nordrassil without further delay. Finally, they reached the gates to the city and were ushered in under armed guard. They were taken into the city which was clearly under siege from within and were introduced to Aranyth, a sage of the elven people.

Aranyth spoke with the party about what had brought them here and explained that the only thing in existence that might empower a heartstone to be used as a realm portal, would be a complete set of all 5 of The Arbiter’s Tears. The last known location of one of these items was in Klehermont. Before the dicussion could continue, it was interrupted by a runner who came in and said that a group of the attackers wanted to meet under banner of a white flag.

Aranyth invited the party to accompany him and they met Arkxes, a demonic looking orc standing well over 8 feet tall and looking quite intimidating, flanked by 4 additional orcs that were similar in look and stature to him. He claimed that he was leader of the attacking army and that their terms were that the elven people need to submit entirely to their reign or they would kill the elven prisoners and continue to poison the Heartstone and turn their race into the pale faced, black eyed, cannibalistic monsters that some had already been condemned to.

Aranyth returned with a threat that if the attackers did not evacuate the city with all haste, that the elves would slaughter them. Arkxes laughed and returned back to their line while Aranyth and his followers returned to their retreat. Once back in the strategy room, the party explained that Durgeddin’s blade may be able to help them retrieve the Tears. Aranyth explained his worry with this idea, stating that the Tears are sentient artifacts that can act of their own will and volition and could very well choose not to heed that call.


Though all the crew members, aside from Captain Jonesy, were devoured by the sea monster, the party managed to dispatch it without too much difficulty and before any major damage was done to the ship masts. They took a moment to catch their breath and then Jonesy sent them down below to fetch someone who was apparently being held in a barrel.

Inside the indicated barrel, they found Davide, sans left eye. Davide had lost the eye a few days earlier at the hands of the unforgiving Angel Syndicate. They branded him a heretic and a criminal by removing his left eye with a hot poker and then banished him from the city, assuring him that they would kill him if they ever saw him within Diaprose again.

Captain Jonesy spent the rest of the day teaching the crew the rudimentary basics of how to sail the ship and they decided to rest from the day before making sail. The night passed uneventfully and the next 3 days were spent piloting the ship towards Ghennesport with little to moderate success. At the eve of the third day, Captain Jonesy assured everyone that they would make land by tomorrow afternoon and everyone retired for the evening.

The sun rose the next morning and everyone assembled on deck. Captain Jonesy was nowhere to be seen so William stepped up and attempted to pilot the ship, to no avail. Davide went to the Captain’s Quarters and found the door slightly ajar, inside on the floor they found Captain Jonesy, dead from a precision stab straight to the heart. The party questioned Naeris and searched the boat for any sign of intruders.

They found several items of note but no signs of any other people until they heard a splash off the side of the boat. Investigation found ripples in the water but didn’t reveal anything else. Nick gathered as much information about how to captain the boat from the materials in Captain Jonesy’s office and by dusk, the party had reached Ghennesport. They took the ship in for docking and didn’t slow down quite fast enough. The ship slammed into one of the docks and took out about 15 feet of it before coming to a stop.

William asked for some assistance from some of the dockhands and they settled the ship on another dock before several guards arrested the party for the destruction of the dock. The guards inquired as to the location of Captain Jonesy and William convinced them that he hadn’t come out of his quarters for quite some time. The guards broke down the door to the quarters and discovered the dead body. They immediately took the party to prison where they sat and waited overnight for what was to come next.

The next morning dawned and the city began to bustle, the party struck up a conversation with a “Dirk” in the next cell over who explained that they would receive breakfast shortly before being taken to trial. The party discovered that he knew Captain Jonesy and he admitted that he didn’t think they could be the ones to kill him. The guards arrived and passed out a quick breakfast before transporting them to the courthouse. On the way out of the jail, William asked the guards about Dirk and they said they had no idea what he was talking about.

Once at the courthouse, they were shown into a courtroom presided over by a judge and 4 other individuals. The judge read off the charges: destruction of state property and the murder of Captain Jonesy. There was some discussion back and forth and the judge kept asking them to provide some evidence of their innocence. The party realized that around the time they were arrested on the boat, they lost Naeris. They asked the judge about him but the judge kept saying that he didn’t see anything about a young boy in the report.

Given that claim, he said that he would move the party to a holding room while it was investigated. William asked if they could receive some sort of legal representation or at least consultation and as our session ended, the judge agreed to send someone in for a consultation within the holding room.

Obligatory "We've Unleashed The Kraken!"

Our session began as the party entered the large meeting chamber wherein a group of leadership from the academy were discussing the events of the night before. They were invited to sit down and then a lively discussion began. Archmage Naldan voiced his theory that The Old Ones had escaped their prison within Pandemonium and were the ones that had taken the gods captive.

He went on further to explain that the items that had been taken from his study were several tomes that discussed Heartstones and a map that apparently could lead one right to the Heartstone of the Elves. His theory is that they do not intend to destroy all the races of Eldron, but instead to gain access to The Realm of The Songsmiths and corrupt the World Forges. The only way to discover what their true end goal is, was to send our party to The Dorvale to investigate and to warn them of what’s to come.

The party agreed to take on this quest and organized the supply of funds and fast transport to The Dorvale. They gathered up their things including Naeris, peddled their old horses, and then set off. The trip to the coast was an uneventful 2 days. Once they arrived, they located the ship that was to carry them to Cairndow, The Floating Oak. They boarded and met Captain Jonesy and the crew before being shown to their quarters and setting off.

During the night the party was violently roused as the ship was set on by a large eldritch sea monster. The battle raged across the deck of the boat and as our session drew to a close, all but 1 of the sailors and Captain Jonesy were dead and the discovery was made that when they destroyed one head, 2 more rose up to take its place…

The Very Ground Beneath Our Feet Turns Against Us

Our evening of adventure began as the party returned to Lady Tara’s shrine with Naeris, the young elf boy who they had just cured of his unwelcome lycanthropy. Once back, they asked that Leshanna watch after the boy while they prepared for the journey back to The Dorvale to return the young boy to his family. They stepped out into the marketplace and gathered up their purchases. Not wanting to leave Davide behind, they found their way to one of the gates to the inner fortress. They described Davide to them but the guard found no trace of any elves in the prison.

As the party returned to the shrine, Nick’s vision began to swim, the world grew dark, and his breathing became very labored. When he finally came back around, his link to Lady Tara has been violently taken from him and his magic was no more. The ground beneath their feet began to shake and a large sound, as if the earth itself was wrenching itself apart. The sky above them grew dark almost in an instant and a torrential downpour began raining down upon the town.

The party rushed back to Lady Tara’s shrine and there found Naeris tending to an unconscious Leshanna. He explained that only moments before, she fell to the ground in a fitful sleep. They locked Naeris and Leshanna in the office and then made with all haste to the inner fortress. At the gate they found the ground had indeed torn open in a large gaping hold down to the Underdark. The city was in chaos and many of it’s citizens fought side by side with the military to fend off many varied denizens of the Underdark.

The party begrudgingly entered the fray, meeting up with a Knight Commander by the name of Helm. William and the Knight Commander managed to notice that the creatures were not pushing out into the city but were instead just keeping the friendly forces from gaining access to any buildings, after Nothic’s were seen entering the towers. Our party pushed forth and dispatched several groups of creatures including: a Chuul, Drow, Duergar, a Grell, Quaggoths, Giant Spiders, Giant Centipedes, Shadows, and a Drider.

Our party barely made it through the fray, but eventually they fought their way to the main castle, being reinforced with Knight Commander Helm. Nick accompanied the Knight Captain up the tower to the top floor where they found their way into the Archmage’s study. Archmage Naldan himself was on the floor, paralyzed by a group of Nothic’s that were paralyzing him, while a couple more scoured the bookshelves, looking for something.

Nick fought a couple of them but the remainder made off by magical means with several items they had pilfered from the study. Knight Commander tended to the Archmage and the Archmage confirmed to Helm that it seemed they were here to get whatever they made off with. Knight Commander and Nick returned down to the main floor and met back up with Scott and William.

They discussed their concerns regarding what was happening and Helm confirmed to them that the loss of divine power was not just limited to Lady Tara, but to the entire pantheon of good deities. Knight Commander Helm asked that the party rest the night in the trainee barracks and he would summon them to a council meeting in the morning. Before they settled down for the evening, the party returned to Lady Tara’s shrine and an otherwise friendly conversation quickly escalated to the point that William is no longer welcome there.

The party rested and recuperated from their wounds for the evening and arose, refreshed the next morning, and in the morning they were quickly summoned up to the council meeting.

It's the City Life for Me!

Scott and Nick got us started by continuing their investigation into the Jewelry store theft & murder. Their first action, to climb up on the rook of the jewelry store and retrace Davide’s steps to the attic he was currently hiding in. Scott, familiar with the ability of tracking, managed to locate him in short order and He and Nick dropped into the attic to rescue Davide.

They put Nick’s escape plan into action by casting a Feign Death spell upon Davide. They wrapped him up in a blanket and then got back to the streets under cover of a Fog spell. They walked back to Lady Tara’s shrine, dodging a few wandering glances, without further incident. Once there, they dropped Davide off and headed out to the marketplace to purchase some new clothes and a hat that would cover his pointed elf ears.

While he waited, Davide had a pleasant, albeit prodding, discussion with the elf priestess at the shrine. Nick and Scott returned shortly and Davide was able to change clothes while Nick assured the priestess that they were merely attempting to help out a poor sinner and give him a second chance at a better life. He reassured her that none of this would fall back upon the shrine or her and then they set off.

Meanwhile, William had wrapped up at the Carpenters and had set off to find the rest of the party, he wandered around a bit and tried to retrace their steps. He eventually found his way to the Jewelry store scene and lost the party’s trail. Seeking to locate them he started playing his pipes, drawing a small crowd as he waited, hoping his music would reach his friends ears.

Scott, Nick, and Davide all stepped out into the streets and immediately heard William’s pipes nearby. They met up quickly and William dispersed the crowd before the party headed off to find an inn where they could rest for the night.

The first location they came across was an inn and tavern by the name of The Howling Spirit. The place looked dodgy enough that the party figured they could avoid any eyes of local law enforcement. The windows were dirty and they couldn’t see anything but shadows on the windows, loud discussion could be heard from inside and a mean, tough looking dwarf sat outside on the front porch.

The party approached the building and William asked the bouncer if they could enter. He was curt and not happy with the party sniffing around but allowed them in after they offered up 2 gp. Inside the party found a rather small, but nice room with a bar on the back wall and 4 sturdy looking doors leading off on each side. Roughly 20 people were crammed in the small room and over half of them wore a bright red rose on their lapel.

William and Nick approached the bartender and William asked about drinks and rooms for the evening. The bartender was a younger man with a skeevy look to him and long, greasy, blonde hair. He responded in rather rude fashion that they’d be served a drink and then they’d leave. William asked if he could direct them towards some appropriate lodging and again he responded rather rudely. William and Scott took their leave and Nick demanded a pint (which he curtly downed and then threw down the empty mug on the counter before walking out).

It was right around this time when Davide realized why this place seemed so familiar to him. The rose on the lapel was a sign indicating their membership in an international thieve’s guild by the name of The Crmson Rose. Seeing this as an opportunity to offload his stolen jewelry and to make some allies, he approached a table with 2 middle aged men wearing roses having a discussion with an older woman.

He kindly interrupted their conversation and explained that he had done some work with one of their agents in the past and wished to get his foot back in the door. After a short discussion, one of the gentlemen pulled him into a separate room and discussed the details with him. He did know of Davide’s old guild contact, “Billy the Kid”, and told him to come back the next day so he could talk with some higher ups about introducing him to the guild. His business concluded, he left The Howling Spirit to join with the rest of the party.

While Davide dealt with The Crimson Rose, the rest of the party found a more welcoming little hole in the wall inn and tavern by the name of The Gilded Dolphin. Inside, they were greeted by racuous partying, a welcoming host and his wife Helga, and purchased rooms for the evening. Davide arrived and the party partook in copious amounts of delicious homemade food and ale. William finished off the evening with an incredible recitation of Ragnarok the Brave which netted him several gold from the patrons and free drinks from the owner.

The party retired for the evening and during the peak of the night, the unexpected happened. Davide woke up to a woman, dressed in tight, black, leather armor pinning his arms down and covering his mouth with a dagger to his throat. She leaned down and whispered that he was to go with her outside or she would kill him. He complied and when he stepped out the front door to the establishment, a black bag was put over his head and he was knocked unconscious.

When Davide groggily awoke an unknown amount of time later he eventually realized that he was kneeling on a wooden floor with his hands tied behind his back and the bag still over his head. An unseen hand from behind him removed the hood and after his eyes adjusted, he realized he was kneeling in front of 3 beds, each containing one of his party members. His kidnapper stepped forward and removed her hood to reveal shoulder length black hair, tied up in a ponytail and eyes that almost seemed to glow pure white.

She introduced herself as Miranda, an agent of The Angel Syndicate; a local guild of assassins and former military members that justify their means by the ends and work to eliminate crime and corruption in the city. Miranda explained that the man Davide had killed in the jewelry store was a trusted member, in good standing, of The Angel Syndicate. To atone for his crimes he was given a choice, either kill one of his party members or refuse to and instead lose his right hand.

Miranda stepped forward and cut the rope that bound his hands and handed him the blade. He spent some time walking around the beds before stopping next to Scott. With a shaky hand, he raised up and plunged the dagger straight down into the half-orcs heart. Scott’s eyes flashed open and Davide watched as the terror gripped him, only to slip away into the cold embrace of death an instant later.

Davide was brought back to earth by Miranda’s voice as she mused about his decision. She turned his already rough night for another turn by assuring him that he didn’t actually kill Scott, that the images he saw were merely figments created by magic. She admitted that she would hold to her word and let him leave but did offer him a job before he left. He agreed to at least hear about the details, and she gave him some details about a recent murder.

A member of The Crimson Roses had recently been killed and at the scene of the crime had been left a marbled black and white feather, a symbol of The Angel Syndicate. Though the Syndicate and The Crimson Rose are mortal enemies, things have been spiraling out of control and the 2 groups are on the verge of open war in the streets of Diaprose.

If the party can uncover who murdered the Crimson Rose member and why they are trying to implicate The Angel Syndicate, their mission will be complete. Davide accepted the mission and then had the black bag tossed over his head again before being knocked unconscious.

The party arose early the next morning to the promise of a delicious handmade breakfast by the Inn owners. During Breakfast, Davide slipped away and returned to The Howling Spirit. The door was now being watched by a younger man who was clearly coming down off a high pretty hard. The young man told him that he wouldn’t let him in but eventually caved for a bribe of 2 gp.

The main room was completely deserted and Davide went back into the second room he had been led into the day before. He was again greeted by an entirely empty room and decided to take the only door on the right hand wall. He heard some discussion coming through the door and knocked, only to be greeted by a giant of a man on the other side.

This man asked him what he was doing here and Davide responded that he was told to return here today. A voice further in the room behind the door guard told him to remove Davide, citing that he shouldn’t have been allowed in in the first place. As the door guard tried to squeeze through the doorway, Davide shouted back into the room that he had information regarding The Angel Syndicate.

The same voice from before told the door guard to blindfold him and let him in the room. Now without the luxury of vision, Davide explained everything about what had happened to him, starting with the jewelry theft. The unknown man seemed upset at first, explaining that the jewelry store robbery and murder had brought no small amount of suspicion down on their heads.

He then went on to explain that he would consider inducting Davide into the guild if he could prove that he was all he said he was. His advice was to do what The Angel Syndicate told him to do and find a way to turn it against them. Davide agreed to this tactic and left The Howling Spirit. Unfortunately for him, on his way back to The Gilded Dolphin, he was once again covered with a black hood and knocked unconscious.

The rest of the party finished their meal and then went out to do a little bit of shopping. William found his way to the town square and found a lead on a job, calling for strong and capable adventurers to answer the call at the address listed. Before heading off to answer the call, the party did a bit of light shopping at a local curio’s house. They were greeted by an incredibly old asian-esque woman who owned the shop.

Scott was unable to find a bag of holding, but Nick did purchase all the spell components that he needed. The high point of the shopping excursion was when William discovered a set of magical bagpipes with some writing carved on them in a language he didn’t recognize. He ended up spending all his money, the entire party fund and borrowed 200 gp from Scott but was able to purchase them.

The party eventually found their way to the address on the job flyer and discovered it belonged to a tavern by the name of The Leaping Pony. Inside they met the proprietor who explained that he’d been having an issue with giant rats down in his cellar and agreed to pay the party 6 gp per giant rat killed.

They descended down into the cellar and quickly dispatched 8 giant rats in the first room of the cellar. As they moved into the second room, they heard a banging noise and went in expecting a fight only to find themselves face to face with a large dire rat who promptly got up on his hind legs and begged with the party for food, as it was starving.

After a discussion with the dire rat, they surmised that it was a young elf child from The Dorvale that had been cursed some 3 years ago by a beast of the forest. The party agreed to let him go free and arranged to meet with him outside the city walls to try and reverse his condition. They parted ways and the party received payment for the giant rats they’d killed before they ventured outside the city walls.

Once outside, Nick summoned up the last of his strength and cast a Remove Curse spell upon the dire rat. The next 5 minutes were filled with sickening images and sounds as the rats body slowly morphed back into a young elf boy. Nick cast a healing spell to put his body at ease and the party began to discuss what they were going to do next.

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire
Davide is a psychopath...

Our party was still catching their breath after the clash with the Duergar in the Throne Room. After tending to their wounds an agreement was reached that they would need to depart these not-so-abandoned halls and rearm themselves before they continued any further. As the party worked their way back to the surface they found one final cave that they had not yet explored, just off the Glitterhame.

The room had small trickles of water running through it which had supplied the necessary conditions to grow hundreds of different kind of fungi and algae that coated every available rocky surface. In the middle of this room lay an orc skeleton clutching a dust, rust, and fungi free gleaming silver hand-and-a-half sword. Davide moved forward to investigate it only to be stopped quickly by Scott, who recognized the yellow fungus coating just the skeleton, to be a deadly fungus that would cripple your strength and immune system for weeks at a time.

The party spent some time debating about what the best option would be to retrieve the sword and eventually settled on sending in the dextrous rogue. Davide moved into the first room and after some precise movements getting into position, got his hand on the sword. He very slowly started removing it, taking his time and making countless small adjustments so as not to disturb the spore pods. Nearing the end of the task his hand jerked as off in the distant cave system, a rock fell and shattered against the floor, echoing a sharp noise off the walls. Fortunately the unexpected movement did not set off the spores and he was able to refocus just long enough to pull the sword out of the danger zone.

Bringing the sword back to the party by the entrance, Scott touched the tip of his blade to it, asking Durgeddin to shed some light on the newly found treasure. An audible hum could be heard from Scott’s blade and it maintained a light vibration in his hand. Davide alerted the party to the presence of a second small cave back behind the first where he saw a shiny silver helmet sitting upon the head of a dwarf skeleton. He decided to go back in and again took his time getting into position.

Davide’s attempts to slowly remove the helmet without disturbing the spores on the skeleton were unfortunately cut short as his movements activated a spore pod. The pod erupted and the movement set off all of the rest of them as well in a sort of domino effect. Davide threw himself back into the very furthest corner of the cave and covered his mouth, narrowly avoiding contact with any of the spores that now filled the air in front of him.

Scott knew something had gone wrong and the party discovered what had happened. Electing to avoid any further potential harm to Davide, they agreed that they would take a short rest and let the spores settle. An hour later Davide was able to get back out of the cave, moving painfully slow so as not to kick any of the spores far enough up into the air to touch his skin. Once back to the party he shuffled his way back into the adjoining cave and washed all the spores off his boots.

Having narrowly avoided death, the party ventured out of the crudely carved tunnel, reemerging into the light on the far side of the mountain around noon. They took a quick breather and then made the uneventful, 4-day journey back to Triefstead. Upon arrival, the party split into 2 groups. Nick headed back to The Looking Glass to get rooms and drinks ready, while William, Scott, and Davide headed to the Reeve’s house to meet with Mr. Ofaril.

Mr. Ofaril greeted the party warmly and invited them to wash up out back and then join him for some lunch while they discussed everything they had discovered. After relaying all the information and eating a hot meal, Mr. Ofaril counted up the ears that totalled 18 pairs Orc and 1 pair Ogre, and went to gather up the payment. He returned with 2 gold trade bars worth 300 gp each and 100 gp in coin explaining that he was willing to pay double for the Ogre as he was the leader of the Orc tribe.

William and Davide set off full and content to find Cass & Bran, while Scott headed back to The Looking Glass to join Nick. William and Davide found the small hut that had been given to Cass & Bran without difficulty and were invited in. William gave Cass a pouch with 200 gp. Davide spoke with Bran and once their business had concluded, they set off for The Looking Glass.

The party spent the evening telling all the tales of their triumph at The Stone Tooth and the town bought them many a drink in thanks for their heroic deeds. The morning dawned and the party gathered their things and went to the stables where they purchased horses and set off for Diaprose Academy. The day and a half journey was set upon during the first nights rest by a giant owl swooping down to attack the horses. A few choice strikes from the party put him down and remainder of their trip was uneventful.

The party finally rode up on the sprawling city of Diaprose. They passed through the military checkpoint into the city and traveled to the trade district to purchase some items. William and Davide placed orders at the Blacksmith and Leatherworker and William went on further to place a third order at the carpenter. Nick went off to find the temple to Lady Tara, meeting a young elf maid who tended to it.

Davide, needing to supply an expensive order he placed at the blacksmith, ventured into a richer part of the trade district and located a jewelry store. As soon as he stepped inside he found himself being watched by a gruff looking dwarf sitting on a chair by the door. He looked around a little bit and eventually wandered over to have a discussion with the bouncer. After a short discussion the bouncer called Davide a “low-down dirty thief”, to which Davide responded by stabbing him in the neck with a dagger, instantly killing him in a very gruesome manner.

A magical alarm began blaring and he smashed his way into a jewelry case, grabbing a handful of items before running out of the building. He made his escape down the adjacent alley and then up onto the rooftops where he eventually found his way through a spot of thatch, into an attic where he is currently hiding.

Nick and Scott found their way over to the keep, Nick to explore the library, and Scott to fight. Nick was told that to be allowed inside he would need a sanction from a town councilmember. As he wandered back through the city he was drawn towards a large wailing sound that turned out to be coming from the jewelry store Davide had just burgled. Causing a distraction by shattering a window across the street, he managed to infiltrate the crime scene and spoke with the corpse. The corpse confirmed to him that the person who killed him was indeed Davide.

A Lucky Escape and a Confusing Break

Our session began in the most precarious of circumstances. Scott and Nick were being held underwater by the Roper, William was dangling in mid air and Davide managed to quell the beasts rage in just the nick of time by tossing a fish in his mouth. William and Davide managed to convince the beast to return them to safety by trading their Whiskey and as promised, the beast placed the party pack, relatively unscathed on the far shore. Scott did notice that the beast had some shiny objects but unfortunately the beast was unwilling to part with any of them without more Whiskey.

The party entered the last unexplored room on this level and discovered it was a prison block. The first 2 cells were open and completely empty but the 3rd one was locked and through the small barred window they could just make out the shape of a dwarf skeleton in rusted plate armor. The group attempted to get through the door but it’s superior construction prevented them from doing so and instead they chose to take an extended rest to recuperate from their fatigue and injuries. The party awoke after an uneventful rest, feeling refreshed and took one last shot at the locked cell door. Nick tried to take it down with brute force by swinging the gravity hammer at it but only managed to put a small dent in it.

As a last ditch effort, Davide attempted one final lock picking test and did manage to beat the contraption. Inside the cell the party discovered a small silk pouch underneath the ancient dwarf carcass and within it lie some platinum pieces and a key. The party prepared to venture forth but Scott was drawn back to the dwarf skeleton by his sword. Overwhelming feelings of bitter sadness and sorrow rolled at him in waves but he was unable to discern anything else from the sword.

The party snuck past the sleeping Roper and ventured back upstairs, making their way to the door within the Glitterhame that they were intending to go through when they were ambushed by the Gricks. Reaching the door, William was able to successfully unlock it using the key he found and the party entered into a very finely crafted Dwarven hall system. Rounding a corner in the halls, they found themselves face to face with an octagonal room containing two doors on the northeast and northwest walls as well as three statues. The statues on the east and west walls held a shield and an axe while the one on the north wall held 2 axes. Off in the distance the party could hear the sound of hammer ringing on anvil.

Davide checked for traps on the northwest door and detecting nothing, Nick opened it only to discover it was a false door and the 2 axes looming over the doorway held by the statues swung down and almost took off his arms. Reeling from the damage he healed himself back up while Davide attempted to check for traps on the other door. Sensing nothing again, Nick again opened this door, but this time with his Knock cantrip and the party was again greeted by a swinging axe trap.

Stumped about where to go next, Nick paid close attention to the sound of the hammer and was able to figure out that it was coming from somewhere behind the eastern wall. Scott managed to locate a secret door behind the statue on the eastern wall and opened it up to reveal a large ascending staircase. Davide took the lead and when he was about 3/4 of the way up a large voice cracked the air shouting, in dwarvish, “ALERT! ALERT! INTRUDERS!”.

Sensing danger, the party rushed up the stairs and opened the doors onto a massive hall with a 30 foot high vaulted ceiling supported by 10 intricately cut pillars and a large throne sitting on the far side. 5 doors led out of the hall, 2 on the northern wall, 2 on the southern wall, and 1 behind the throne. The party sought to enter the room but were stopped as a voice shouted at them from the shadows of the far side of the room, “This is your only warning, turn back now!”

William attempted to reason with the voice but Scott’s attempt at intimidation pushed them just a bit too far and the attackers, revealed to be dark skinned dwarves, opened fire on him with crossbows. Scott broke into a frenzy and between him and Davide they managed to take out the first crossbowman. Nick followed suit, taking out the other one while yet a third one, the voice that William was still attempting to reason with, dealt a serious blow to Davide with a dart from a hand crossbow before fleeing, invisibly, through the door behind the throne.

Scott, still frenzying, charged after her and found himself in a largish room with a stone banquet table in it and another crossbowman next to the door on the far side. He fought with the speaker whom William attempted to reason with earlier only to suddenly find himself reeling from yet another attacker, a female dark dwarf with an incredibly refined fighting style and a dual bladed sword.

Davide managed to kick Scott in the back, thus freeing up the entrance and the party finished off the 3 remaining combatants. Whilst they were looting the bodies, William came across another journal entry, written in Dwarvish and passed it to Nick. This is where we left off for the evening.

The Good, The Bad, and The Drowning.
Hooray! The DM didn't royally screw up this time!

Our evening started with the party all unconscious after nearly passing onto the next realm. Scott held a vigil and waited for the party to return to the land of the living, but unfortunately fell into an unwanted and fitful sleep.

Scott awoke within a foreign environment that was eventually realized to be his new sword. After having a discussion with a cloaked stranger who called himself Durgeddin, he was released back to the mortal realm with the promise that Durgeddin would restore their health and safety.

All 4 party members awoke and found themselves on the bluff to the west of the large fungi cavern, surrounded by a large number of sarcophagi and an inviting, lavishly decorated table of food. The party restored their health and vigor on the food before departing to the south.

The party began to investigate what appeared to be a Troglodyte nest, almost immediately attracting the attention of a pair of Troglodyte guards. Nick ran in to cover William while William managed to charm one of the guards and forced him to massacre his fellow. Thinking quickly, William coerced the charmed guard into charging after his friends. Nick and Scott chased after him and as William tried to follow he unfortunately tripped, sprawling all over the stone floorway and losing concentration on his charm spell.

As Scott returned to help William by lighting a torch for him, Nick turned his attention to a nest of mama troglodytes and their hatchlings. He immediately annihilated them all by blasting them with radiant damage. More Troglodyte guards came up to flank him but were handily dealt with by William and Scott.

The party pushed onwards into the final room of the Troglodytes lair. They found themselves face to face with a large lizard whom William immediately put to sleep and was quickly dispatched by Nick’s radiant aura, which had an even more surprising effect. Seemingly out of the blue, the aura also showed a large Troglodyte who appeared to be the leader of the nest. Scott dispatched him with relative ease and the party began to search the room, finding a number of items. William claimed the Troglodytes breastplate and Dav discovered a chest with silver and rubies. Of particular note, Nick discovered a beautifully crafted hammer with Durgeddin Fireforge’s personal craft mark on it.

The party pushed deeper into the catacombs and almost lost Davide to a large subterranean lizard with a tongue like a frog but after William put it to sleep, Nick pulled out his new “Dubstep Hammer” and quite literally wrecked his face. The party discovered another small trove of treasure before heading down past a sinkhole to the 3rd floor of the underground complex.

They scouted through several old storerooms with rotten materials in them but nothing else. Finally, the party rounded a bend in the path and noticed a rather odd looking Stalagmite across the stream from them. Davide in particular noticed a single small fish flopping around on the shore across from them. Seeking to investigate it, he was surprised as the Stalagmite sprouted tentacles and a sharp toothed maw, shouting “It’s Dinner time!” at the group as he pulled Davide in towards him.

The party put up a noble fight but our evening ended with everyone aside from the rogue being held underwater by the monster. Davide’s last hope was to grab the fish from the river bank and throw it into the monster’s mouth, to which the monster responded “Mmm, that is quite delicious.”

Descent into Darkness
Clerics??? We don't need no stinking Clerics!!!

Our party awoke after taking a long, uneventful rest in Great Ulfe’s “lavishly decorated” room. They ventured forth down the hallway and found themselves facing another party of 4 orcs. Slaughter ensued and just as the party was about to emerge victorious, the ground beneath their feet began to rumble. A large crack split the air and a bright flash of white light left both sides of the skirmish momentarily stunned. When the smoke cleared, everyone found themselves staring at the steaming form of a large, two-handed greatsword; beautifully crafted with a gold and green handle with large diamonds and an emerald embedded in the handle and guard.

Scott immediately extricated it from the cracked stone floor and sliced straight through one of the remaining orcs. The blade hummed in his hand and those as were magically inclined in the party immediately knew this was a powerful magic item. The party finished off the Orcs and began to explore the remaining 2 unexplored tunnels within the cave system. Nick took a moment to perform a more thorough inspection of the sword and was able to determine, with nigh any effort, that this sword had definitely been touched by a powerful, and likely deific force in its very recent past.

Scott found a secret door at the end of one of the tunnels that led them to a smooth stone wall covered in various orc hexes and curses. After some very thorough inspection, William and Nick found them to be of an ancient and defunct magic that may or may not have been functional at a former point in time. They were able to decipher a few words into common but were unable to solve the mystery of the discovery.

The party moved back to the final tunnel and discovered a previously hidden part of the tunnel behind a tightly stacked jumble of materials. A short way down the newly discovered tunnel the party found a rusted, locked portcullis that had again, been stuffed closed with various materials. Davide removed several of the coverings and the party found a large room with several detailed carvings of Dwarves working on forges. It should be noted that the entire party all noticed not just the distant noise of water running, but also a very faint buzzing, that after some investigation by Scott, was determined to sound similar to a swarm of flying insects. Davide attempted to pick the lock on the portcullis but unfortunately was thwarted by the unexpectedly difficult lock.

Nick decided to take a swing at it with his warhammer but his blow merely bounced back off the metal portcullis and totally wrecked his face. The party eventually managed to stop the bleeding of his horribly mangled face and set up to take a short rest while they tended to Nick’s wounds further. Not even a minute into the rest the party was attacked by Stirges, one of them managing to attach itself to Scott’s leg. William, thinking quickly, managed to put all the Stirges to sleep and the party dispatched them with no further difficulty. The party retreated back to Great Ulfe’s quarters and took their short rest. Nick finally awoke and healed his wounds, thus allowing the party to push forward.

Scott broke the lock with relative ease and the party moved into the large room, choosing to descend the stairs into the dark abyss. Armed with torches to keep away anymore Stirges, traveling into the second large cavern, they were ambushed by a set of incredibly stealthy, javelin wielding Troglodytes. The party dispatched them with relative ease only to shortly thereafter confront a particularly nasty brown bear that had been caged in an adjoining cave. The bear managed to get the upper hand on Nick and took him down but was handily dealt with by William and Davide.

Finally, the party found themselves in a massive underground fungal forest, full of mushrooms and spores as tall as a man. They moved eastward along the only semi-defined path through the growth, only to be taken by suprise by a pair of Gricks. The Gricks hit them hard and fast, instantly dropping Nick and William. Davide and Scott fought hard and Davide also succumbed to his wounds before Scott finally finished off the Gricks, saving Nick at the very last possible moment.

The evening came to a close with Scott standing alone, in the large underground cave, surrounded by the rest of the party all unconscious and on the verge of death.

EDIT: For further clarification, if it wasn’t readily apparent, my eff up was using the Grick Alpha attack stats with the regular Grick defensive stats.


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