The Betrayal of the Stars

The Massacre at Stone Tooth

The story began as the players settled down for their final rest after 3 days of travel through forest and plain, before ascending The Stone Tooth to deal with the Orc menace. The party received almost a full 8 hours of rest before they were beset upon by a group of returning Orcs. Fortunately, Cass was on watch and noticed the group before they were completely ambushed. Several massive blows were dealt by our band of adventurers, and the party of 4 marauders fell quickly, dealing little damage to the party.

After the skirmish, Scott and Nick began to pack up camp and make preparations for the day while William attempted to provide some comfort to Cass who, following her spectacular show of aggression during the skirmish, was beginning to break down in the wake of killing her first humanoid. His words soothed her and the party began their ascent up the switchbacks of the mountain to find the Orc camp.

The party reached the end of the trail and attempted to ambush a couple of Orc sentries. Unfortunately William kicked a small rock alerting the sentries to the party’s presence. Nick and Cass unleashed a deadly volley of ranged attacks, instantly killing one of the sentries and sending the other running into the mountain calling for reinforcements. The party gave pursuit and found themselves in a hail of fire from previously hidden archer parapets. The party fought their way up to the main door, killing several more Orcs in the process and eventually burst their way into the main hall. Under even more arrow fire from the other side of a vast, rope bridge spanning chasm, the players retreated to some revealed hidden side passages housing the archers and parapets.

Cass tried to provide some rear guard but fell from a massive axe wound only to be saved just before death by Nick & Scott’s quick reaction. The party regrouped, caught their breath, and then began moving across the bridge. Scott took an early lead and made it most of the way across before one of the archers broke from cover and attempted to cut the rope bridge. They managed to almost completely sever one of the ropes before Scott killed them and used the dead Orc’s battleaxe as a thrown weapon to kill the other, fleeing archer.

The party crossed the rickety bridge, almost losing William and Cass, and ventured forth into the caves. In the next room they found Davide and Bran locked away in a prison cell. Scott broke the cell open and the prisoners were finally able to escape. Cass, finally reunited with her assumed to be dead brother Bran, decided that the two of them were heading back to town. Nick and William convinced Davide to accompany them into the mountain to assist them in slaughtering the Orcs.

The party split and our intrepid adventurers moved further into the cave complex, finding a hidden stash of gold and holy water, and a trapped statue, spewing forth a weakening poisonous gas when activated by a pressure plate. The party attempted to infiltrate the next room stealthily only to find themselves at odds with 5 orcs, one of them appearing to be a leader of some kind. The party took a fair amount of damage but were successfully able to take out the Orcs before they ventured into the final room of this session.

Davide was the first to inspect the door guarding the Ogre’s lair. Sensing no traps, Nick forced the door open only to discover a raging Ogre and his two guard wolves charging at them. Scott took point, instantly annihilating both wolves, while Davide, aided by William’s invisibility spell, managed to deal a massive blow to the Ogre himself. The Ogre, who at the time was charging at Scott, ended up taking an unexpected detour into a wall before rounding back on Davide. Fortunately the Ogre was taken down quickly by some powerful attacks made by Nick and Scott. The party once again took a breather, finding a rather impressive treasure trove containing both a Potion of Spider Climb and a +1 Rapier.

The Fellowship is Formed

Our first session began with Scott, Nick and William having a nice quiet drink in The Looking Glass, after a long trek into the Rachiel Mountains. Shortly into their pint, several townsfolk burst into the tavern carrying in a dying orc, tied to a pole. William spoke with Derrick and they took the orc into the back stockroom of the bar. Nick stepped back to heal his wounds, after which Scott (the only one amongst the townsfolk to speak Orc) began to interrogate him.

The interrogation moved slowly with Scott being able to get little to nothing out of the orc. William conferred with the townsfolk and someone suggested that they attempt to weasel some information, particularly about their base of operations, out of him via magic. William proceeded to cast Charm Person on the orc, at which point Scott was able to work with William to communicate with the orc. He said his name was Kigranai and that the reason for the increase in attacks lately had just been due to increased traffic on the trade roads, meaning more valuable goods and prettier women to take. Kigranai also admitted that their base of operations was located within a nearby mountain, referred to by locals as “The Stone Tooth”, due to it’s similarity in appearance to a large tooth formed from the stone of the mountain.

William once again spoke with the town and successfully lied to them, stating that the spell had been a waste and the orc hadn’t given up any further information. As William moved back to finish off the frail orc, he was stopped by Derrick who convinced him to let the local magistrate make the final call on the orc’s life.

The party rested the night and awoke early the next day to discuss the situation with the magistrate. William pulled him aside at his first convenience and explained the situation to him. The two retired to the recently abandoned Reeve’s house to discuss the matter in private. They came to a contractual agreement stating the following:

- Each pair or orc ears that William returned to the Magistrate before the end of the contract would be worth 35 GP.
- The contract would be valid for up to 14 days or until such time as definitive proof of William’s demise could be provided.
- William would receive 50 gold pieces from the Magistrate to be used for purchasing supplies for the excursion.
- The Magistrate agreed to neither support, nor condone any actions the party took in recruiting any of the local townsfolk into this excursion and that if any such parties were to perish in the course of this mission, that the township would hold no fault for said actions or consequences.

This contract was signed and sealed with sealing wax and signet ring by both parties, after which point William confided the final details of the mission to the Magistrate.

William left the meeting and gathered up the other 2 party members to go shopping for their supplies. Around 5:30 in the afternoon, the party found their way to the town square where a raucous crowd had gathered to witness Kigranai’s execution. The Magistrate gave a short, but inspirational speech before he had Kigranai beheaded.

William took the opportunity to discuss the upcoming expedition to The Stone Tooth with the townsfolk. Though many of the townsfolk seemed eager to travel with them, the only support they were able to gain was that of a 16 year old girl by the name of Cass; the victim of a recent Orc raid. They were able to secure some additional support from the town in the form of supplies before they turned in for a final evening of rest.

The party arose early the next morning and traveled east through the nearby forest until they finally hit the edge and set up camp for nightfall. The evening had an exciting start as Scott, who was on first watch, was attacked by a young black bear. However, quick reactions from the raging orc and an equally deadly Nick silenced the bear almost immediately. Cass spent the next several hours field preparing the bear for the party to consume over the next three days.

The party traveled on the next day, though at much exhaustion to Cass, until they came to rest at forest’s edge where they spent an uneventful night. Rising the next morning, the party, well rested, traveled the remaining days journey until they were finally at the base of The Stone Tooth where they set up camp and spent one last uneventful night.


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