Mr. Ofaril

Local Magistrate


Standing a proud 6 feet, Mr. Ofaril has lost some of his graying hair but still holds himself physically with younger men. He typically wears nicer, but simple clothes and walks with just the slightest limp. So slight that many people don’t even notice it the first time they meet him.


Mr. Ofaril is the local Eurion Magistrate over the region encompassing both Treifstead and Torridge. His permanent residence is near Torridge and as such is seldom seen in Treifstead, choosing instead to work through his Reeve within the town. When he is in the town he is almost always very friendly, but those that spend more time with him often come to other, darker conclusions about the admittedly powerful man.

At the end of the day he is generally perceived as a very charitable person, those under his care have few complaints and are genuinely happy with his stewardship.

In his youth, Mr. Ofaril ran a mercantile business that often saw him visiting both of the towns he now presides over. Mr. Ofaril is currently in town looking to replace his recently departed Reeve, thus allowing him to turn his attention back to dealing with the growing Orc threat.

Mr. Ofaril

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