Derrick is a handsome man, standing a little over 6 feet tall. He is very muscled and tan and often comes off as arrogant to those that do not know him.


Derrick has lived in Treifstead his whole life. He married his childhood sweetheart and together they had a baby boy. His child just turned 3 earlier this year and he recently lost his father to the winter sickness. Derrick is one of the leaders in the small community and after the last Reeve left the town, rather suddenly, rumors that Derrick might take his place have been whispered with increasing frequency.

Derrick is a kind, gentle man but his heart yearns for discovery and exploration. He is often the first one to volunteer when new threats or opportunities arise to leave the small hamlet. Though his desire for exploration often wins over in the end, Derrick is fiercely loyal to his town and his family.

UPDATE: Derrick was recently promoted to the Reeve of Treifstead, reporting directly to Mr. Ofaril and overseeing all town matters.


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