Sister to Bran


16 year old Cass is one of Treifstead’s hidden gems. Scoring a 9 out of 10 on the “Would Bang” scale, her fierce personality oftentimes clashes with her truly creative tendencies.


Cass’ story is one of both happiness and heartache. She grew up on a farm just on the other side of the Ena Woods with her father, mother and older brother. Her life was spent happy, helping her father with the farm, hunting with her brother, haggling with the merchants on the nearby trade roads with her mother.

One fateful day, 8 months ago, her farmstead was attacked in the dead of night by an orc raiding party. Her parents sent her and her brother off into the woods and stayed behind to fight off the attacking Orc raiders. Her brother ended up going back to help them, leaving Cass in the woods with a promise to stay where she was until he came back for her.

3 days later, starving and exhausted she returned, on her own, to her family’s home only to find it looted and burned down. Amongst the burned out structure, she found her mother and father, both dead, but could not find her brother anywhere.

Mourning her loss, she made the journey to Treifstead and has been living as a street urchin, off the charity of the local townsfolk since then, waiting for her chance to strike back or to maybe discover what has happened to her brother.


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