The Betrayal of the Stars

The Good, The Bad, and The Drowning.

Hooray! The DM didn't royally screw up this time!

Our evening started with the party all unconscious after nearly passing onto the next realm. Scott held a vigil and waited for the party to return to the land of the living, but unfortunately fell into an unwanted and fitful sleep.

Scott awoke within a foreign environment that was eventually realized to be his new sword. After having a discussion with a cloaked stranger who called himself Durgeddin, he was released back to the mortal realm with the promise that Durgeddin would restore their health and safety.

All 4 party members awoke and found themselves on the bluff to the west of the large fungi cavern, surrounded by a large number of sarcophagi and an inviting, lavishly decorated table of food. The party restored their health and vigor on the food before departing to the south.

The party began to investigate what appeared to be a Troglodyte nest, almost immediately attracting the attention of a pair of Troglodyte guards. Nick ran in to cover William while William managed to charm one of the guards and forced him to massacre his fellow. Thinking quickly, William coerced the charmed guard into charging after his friends. Nick and Scott chased after him and as William tried to follow he unfortunately tripped, sprawling all over the stone floorway and losing concentration on his charm spell.

As Scott returned to help William by lighting a torch for him, Nick turned his attention to a nest of mama troglodytes and their hatchlings. He immediately annihilated them all by blasting them with radiant damage. More Troglodyte guards came up to flank him but were handily dealt with by William and Scott.

The party pushed onwards into the final room of the Troglodytes lair. They found themselves face to face with a large lizard whom William immediately put to sleep and was quickly dispatched by Nick’s radiant aura, which had an even more surprising effect. Seemingly out of the blue, the aura also showed a large Troglodyte who appeared to be the leader of the nest. Scott dispatched him with relative ease and the party began to search the room, finding a number of items. William claimed the Troglodytes breastplate and Dav discovered a chest with silver and rubies. Of particular note, Nick discovered a beautifully crafted hammer with Durgeddin Fireforge’s personal craft mark on it.

The party pushed deeper into the catacombs and almost lost Davide to a large subterranean lizard with a tongue like a frog but after William put it to sleep, Nick pulled out his new “Dubstep Hammer” and quite literally wrecked his face. The party discovered another small trove of treasure before heading down past a sinkhole to the 3rd floor of the underground complex.

They scouted through several old storerooms with rotten materials in them but nothing else. Finally, the party rounded a bend in the path and noticed a rather odd looking Stalagmite across the stream from them. Davide in particular noticed a single small fish flopping around on the shore across from them. Seeking to investigate it, he was surprised as the Stalagmite sprouted tentacles and a sharp toothed maw, shouting “It’s Dinner time!” at the group as he pulled Davide in towards him.

The party put up a noble fight but our evening ended with everyone aside from the rogue being held underwater by the monster. Davide’s last hope was to grab the fish from the river bank and throw it into the monster’s mouth, to which the monster responded “Mmm, that is quite delicious.”


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