The Betrayal of the Stars

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

Davide is a psychopath...

Our party was still catching their breath after the clash with the Duergar in the Throne Room. After tending to their wounds an agreement was reached that they would need to depart these not-so-abandoned halls and rearm themselves before they continued any further. As the party worked their way back to the surface they found one final cave that they had not yet explored, just off the Glitterhame.

The room had small trickles of water running through it which had supplied the necessary conditions to grow hundreds of different kind of fungi and algae that coated every available rocky surface. In the middle of this room lay an orc skeleton clutching a dust, rust, and fungi free gleaming silver hand-and-a-half sword. Davide moved forward to investigate it only to be stopped quickly by Scott, who recognized the yellow fungus coating just the skeleton, to be a deadly fungus that would cripple your strength and immune system for weeks at a time.

The party spent some time debating about what the best option would be to retrieve the sword and eventually settled on sending in the dextrous rogue. Davide moved into the first room and after some precise movements getting into position, got his hand on the sword. He very slowly started removing it, taking his time and making countless small adjustments so as not to disturb the spore pods. Nearing the end of the task his hand jerked as off in the distant cave system, a rock fell and shattered against the floor, echoing a sharp noise off the walls. Fortunately the unexpected movement did not set off the spores and he was able to refocus just long enough to pull the sword out of the danger zone.

Bringing the sword back to the party by the entrance, Scott touched the tip of his blade to it, asking Durgeddin to shed some light on the newly found treasure. An audible hum could be heard from Scott’s blade and it maintained a light vibration in his hand. Davide alerted the party to the presence of a second small cave back behind the first where he saw a shiny silver helmet sitting upon the head of a dwarf skeleton. He decided to go back in and again took his time getting into position.

Davide’s attempts to slowly remove the helmet without disturbing the spores on the skeleton were unfortunately cut short as his movements activated a spore pod. The pod erupted and the movement set off all of the rest of them as well in a sort of domino effect. Davide threw himself back into the very furthest corner of the cave and covered his mouth, narrowly avoiding contact with any of the spores that now filled the air in front of him.

Scott knew something had gone wrong and the party discovered what had happened. Electing to avoid any further potential harm to Davide, they agreed that they would take a short rest and let the spores settle. An hour later Davide was able to get back out of the cave, moving painfully slow so as not to kick any of the spores far enough up into the air to touch his skin. Once back to the party he shuffled his way back into the adjoining cave and washed all the spores off his boots.

Having narrowly avoided death, the party ventured out of the crudely carved tunnel, reemerging into the light on the far side of the mountain around noon. They took a quick breather and then made the uneventful, 4-day journey back to Triefstead. Upon arrival, the party split into 2 groups. Nick headed back to The Looking Glass to get rooms and drinks ready, while William, Scott, and Davide headed to the Reeve’s house to meet with Mr. Ofaril.

Mr. Ofaril greeted the party warmly and invited them to wash up out back and then join him for some lunch while they discussed everything they had discovered. After relaying all the information and eating a hot meal, Mr. Ofaril counted up the ears that totalled 18 pairs Orc and 1 pair Ogre, and went to gather up the payment. He returned with 2 gold trade bars worth 300 gp each and 100 gp in coin explaining that he was willing to pay double for the Ogre as he was the leader of the Orc tribe.

William and Davide set off full and content to find Cass & Bran, while Scott headed back to The Looking Glass to join Nick. William and Davide found the small hut that had been given to Cass & Bran without difficulty and were invited in. William gave Cass a pouch with 200 gp. Davide spoke with Bran and once their business had concluded, they set off for The Looking Glass.

The party spent the evening telling all the tales of their triumph at The Stone Tooth and the town bought them many a drink in thanks for their heroic deeds. The morning dawned and the party gathered their things and went to the stables where they purchased horses and set off for Diaprose Academy. The day and a half journey was set upon during the first nights rest by a giant owl swooping down to attack the horses. A few choice strikes from the party put him down and remainder of their trip was uneventful.

The party finally rode up on the sprawling city of Diaprose. They passed through the military checkpoint into the city and traveled to the trade district to purchase some items. William and Davide placed orders at the Blacksmith and Leatherworker and William went on further to place a third order at the carpenter. Nick went off to find the temple to Lady Tara, meeting a young elf maid who tended to it.

Davide, needing to supply an expensive order he placed at the blacksmith, ventured into a richer part of the trade district and located a jewelry store. As soon as he stepped inside he found himself being watched by a gruff looking dwarf sitting on a chair by the door. He looked around a little bit and eventually wandered over to have a discussion with the bouncer. After a short discussion the bouncer called Davide a “low-down dirty thief”, to which Davide responded by stabbing him in the neck with a dagger, instantly killing him in a very gruesome manner.

A magical alarm began blaring and he smashed his way into a jewelry case, grabbing a handful of items before running out of the building. He made his escape down the adjacent alley and then up onto the rooftops where he eventually found his way through a spot of thatch, into an attic where he is currently hiding.

Nick and Scott found their way over to the keep, Nick to explore the library, and Scott to fight. Nick was told that to be allowed inside he would need a sanction from a town councilmember. As he wandered back through the city he was drawn towards a large wailing sound that turned out to be coming from the jewelry store Davide had just burgled. Causing a distraction by shattering a window across the street, he managed to infiltrate the crime scene and spoke with the corpse. The corpse confirmed to him that the person who killed him was indeed Davide.


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