The Betrayal of the Stars

It's the City Life for Me!

Scott and Nick got us started by continuing their investigation into the Jewelry store theft & murder. Their first action, to climb up on the rook of the jewelry store and retrace Davide’s steps to the attic he was currently hiding in. Scott, familiar with the ability of tracking, managed to locate him in short order and He and Nick dropped into the attic to rescue Davide.

They put Nick’s escape plan into action by casting a Feign Death spell upon Davide. They wrapped him up in a blanket and then got back to the streets under cover of a Fog spell. They walked back to Lady Tara’s shrine, dodging a few wandering glances, without further incident. Once there, they dropped Davide off and headed out to the marketplace to purchase some new clothes and a hat that would cover his pointed elf ears.

While he waited, Davide had a pleasant, albeit prodding, discussion with the elf priestess at the shrine. Nick and Scott returned shortly and Davide was able to change clothes while Nick assured the priestess that they were merely attempting to help out a poor sinner and give him a second chance at a better life. He reassured her that none of this would fall back upon the shrine or her and then they set off.

Meanwhile, William had wrapped up at the Carpenters and had set off to find the rest of the party, he wandered around a bit and tried to retrace their steps. He eventually found his way to the Jewelry store scene and lost the party’s trail. Seeking to locate them he started playing his pipes, drawing a small crowd as he waited, hoping his music would reach his friends ears.

Scott, Nick, and Davide all stepped out into the streets and immediately heard William’s pipes nearby. They met up quickly and William dispersed the crowd before the party headed off to find an inn where they could rest for the night.

The first location they came across was an inn and tavern by the name of The Howling Spirit. The place looked dodgy enough that the party figured they could avoid any eyes of local law enforcement. The windows were dirty and they couldn’t see anything but shadows on the windows, loud discussion could be heard from inside and a mean, tough looking dwarf sat outside on the front porch.

The party approached the building and William asked the bouncer if they could enter. He was curt and not happy with the party sniffing around but allowed them in after they offered up 2 gp. Inside the party found a rather small, but nice room with a bar on the back wall and 4 sturdy looking doors leading off on each side. Roughly 20 people were crammed in the small room and over half of them wore a bright red rose on their lapel.

William and Nick approached the bartender and William asked about drinks and rooms for the evening. The bartender was a younger man with a skeevy look to him and long, greasy, blonde hair. He responded in rather rude fashion that they’d be served a drink and then they’d leave. William asked if he could direct them towards some appropriate lodging and again he responded rather rudely. William and Scott took their leave and Nick demanded a pint (which he curtly downed and then threw down the empty mug on the counter before walking out).

It was right around this time when Davide realized why this place seemed so familiar to him. The rose on the lapel was a sign indicating their membership in an international thieve’s guild by the name of The Crmson Rose. Seeing this as an opportunity to offload his stolen jewelry and to make some allies, he approached a table with 2 middle aged men wearing roses having a discussion with an older woman.

He kindly interrupted their conversation and explained that he had done some work with one of their agents in the past and wished to get his foot back in the door. After a short discussion, one of the gentlemen pulled him into a separate room and discussed the details with him. He did know of Davide’s old guild contact, “Billy the Kid”, and told him to come back the next day so he could talk with some higher ups about introducing him to the guild. His business concluded, he left The Howling Spirit to join with the rest of the party.

While Davide dealt with The Crimson Rose, the rest of the party found a more welcoming little hole in the wall inn and tavern by the name of The Gilded Dolphin. Inside, they were greeted by racuous partying, a welcoming host and his wife Helga, and purchased rooms for the evening. Davide arrived and the party partook in copious amounts of delicious homemade food and ale. William finished off the evening with an incredible recitation of Ragnarok the Brave which netted him several gold from the patrons and free drinks from the owner.

The party retired for the evening and during the peak of the night, the unexpected happened. Davide woke up to a woman, dressed in tight, black, leather armor pinning his arms down and covering his mouth with a dagger to his throat. She leaned down and whispered that he was to go with her outside or she would kill him. He complied and when he stepped out the front door to the establishment, a black bag was put over his head and he was knocked unconscious.

When Davide groggily awoke an unknown amount of time later he eventually realized that he was kneeling on a wooden floor with his hands tied behind his back and the bag still over his head. An unseen hand from behind him removed the hood and after his eyes adjusted, he realized he was kneeling in front of 3 beds, each containing one of his party members. His kidnapper stepped forward and removed her hood to reveal shoulder length black hair, tied up in a ponytail and eyes that almost seemed to glow pure white.

She introduced herself as Miranda, an agent of The Angel Syndicate; a local guild of assassins and former military members that justify their means by the ends and work to eliminate crime and corruption in the city. Miranda explained that the man Davide had killed in the jewelry store was a trusted member, in good standing, of The Angel Syndicate. To atone for his crimes he was given a choice, either kill one of his party members or refuse to and instead lose his right hand.

Miranda stepped forward and cut the rope that bound his hands and handed him the blade. He spent some time walking around the beds before stopping next to Scott. With a shaky hand, he raised up and plunged the dagger straight down into the half-orcs heart. Scott’s eyes flashed open and Davide watched as the terror gripped him, only to slip away into the cold embrace of death an instant later.

Davide was brought back to earth by Miranda’s voice as she mused about his decision. She turned his already rough night for another turn by assuring him that he didn’t actually kill Scott, that the images he saw were merely figments created by magic. She admitted that she would hold to her word and let him leave but did offer him a job before he left. He agreed to at least hear about the details, and she gave him some details about a recent murder.

A member of The Crimson Roses had recently been killed and at the scene of the crime had been left a marbled black and white feather, a symbol of The Angel Syndicate. Though the Syndicate and The Crimson Rose are mortal enemies, things have been spiraling out of control and the 2 groups are on the verge of open war in the streets of Diaprose.

If the party can uncover who murdered the Crimson Rose member and why they are trying to implicate The Angel Syndicate, their mission will be complete. Davide accepted the mission and then had the black bag tossed over his head again before being knocked unconscious.

The party arose early the next morning to the promise of a delicious handmade breakfast by the Inn owners. During Breakfast, Davide slipped away and returned to The Howling Spirit. The door was now being watched by a younger man who was clearly coming down off a high pretty hard. The young man told him that he wouldn’t let him in but eventually caved for a bribe of 2 gp.

The main room was completely deserted and Davide went back into the second room he had been led into the day before. He was again greeted by an entirely empty room and decided to take the only door on the right hand wall. He heard some discussion coming through the door and knocked, only to be greeted by a giant of a man on the other side.

This man asked him what he was doing here and Davide responded that he was told to return here today. A voice further in the room behind the door guard told him to remove Davide, citing that he shouldn’t have been allowed in in the first place. As the door guard tried to squeeze through the doorway, Davide shouted back into the room that he had information regarding The Angel Syndicate.

The same voice from before told the door guard to blindfold him and let him in the room. Now without the luxury of vision, Davide explained everything about what had happened to him, starting with the jewelry theft. The unknown man seemed upset at first, explaining that the jewelry store robbery and murder had brought no small amount of suspicion down on their heads.

He then went on to explain that he would consider inducting Davide into the guild if he could prove that he was all he said he was. His advice was to do what The Angel Syndicate told him to do and find a way to turn it against them. Davide agreed to this tactic and left The Howling Spirit. Unfortunately for him, on his way back to The Gilded Dolphin, he was once again covered with a black hood and knocked unconscious.

The rest of the party finished their meal and then went out to do a little bit of shopping. William found his way to the town square and found a lead on a job, calling for strong and capable adventurers to answer the call at the address listed. Before heading off to answer the call, the party did a bit of light shopping at a local curio’s house. They were greeted by an incredibly old asian-esque woman who owned the shop.

Scott was unable to find a bag of holding, but Nick did purchase all the spell components that he needed. The high point of the shopping excursion was when William discovered a set of magical bagpipes with some writing carved on them in a language he didn’t recognize. He ended up spending all his money, the entire party fund and borrowed 200 gp from Scott but was able to purchase them.

The party eventually found their way to the address on the job flyer and discovered it belonged to a tavern by the name of The Leaping Pony. Inside they met the proprietor who explained that he’d been having an issue with giant rats down in his cellar and agreed to pay the party 6 gp per giant rat killed.

They descended down into the cellar and quickly dispatched 8 giant rats in the first room of the cellar. As they moved into the second room, they heard a banging noise and went in expecting a fight only to find themselves face to face with a large dire rat who promptly got up on his hind legs and begged with the party for food, as it was starving.

After a discussion with the dire rat, they surmised that it was a young elf child from The Dorvale that had been cursed some 3 years ago by a beast of the forest. The party agreed to let him go free and arranged to meet with him outside the city walls to try and reverse his condition. They parted ways and the party received payment for the giant rats they’d killed before they ventured outside the city walls.

Once outside, Nick summoned up the last of his strength and cast a Remove Curse spell upon the dire rat. The next 5 minutes were filled with sickening images and sounds as the rats body slowly morphed back into a young elf boy. Nick cast a healing spell to put his body at ease and the party began to discuss what they were going to do next.


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