The Betrayal of the Stars

Descent into Darkness

Clerics??? We don't need no stinking Clerics!!!

Our party awoke after taking a long, uneventful rest in Great Ulfe’s “lavishly decorated” room. They ventured forth down the hallway and found themselves facing another party of 4 orcs. Slaughter ensued and just as the party was about to emerge victorious, the ground beneath their feet began to rumble. A large crack split the air and a bright flash of white light left both sides of the skirmish momentarily stunned. When the smoke cleared, everyone found themselves staring at the steaming form of a large, two-handed greatsword; beautifully crafted with a gold and green handle with large diamonds and an emerald embedded in the handle and guard.

Scott immediately extricated it from the cracked stone floor and sliced straight through one of the remaining orcs. The blade hummed in his hand and those as were magically inclined in the party immediately knew this was a powerful magic item. The party finished off the Orcs and began to explore the remaining 2 unexplored tunnels within the cave system. Nick took a moment to perform a more thorough inspection of the sword and was able to determine, with nigh any effort, that this sword had definitely been touched by a powerful, and likely deific force in its very recent past.

Scott found a secret door at the end of one of the tunnels that led them to a smooth stone wall covered in various orc hexes and curses. After some very thorough inspection, William and Nick found them to be of an ancient and defunct magic that may or may not have been functional at a former point in time. They were able to decipher a few words into common but were unable to solve the mystery of the discovery.

The party moved back to the final tunnel and discovered a previously hidden part of the tunnel behind a tightly stacked jumble of materials. A short way down the newly discovered tunnel the party found a rusted, locked portcullis that had again, been stuffed closed with various materials. Davide removed several of the coverings and the party found a large room with several detailed carvings of Dwarves working on forges. It should be noted that the entire party all noticed not just the distant noise of water running, but also a very faint buzzing, that after some investigation by Scott, was determined to sound similar to a swarm of flying insects. Davide attempted to pick the lock on the portcullis but unfortunately was thwarted by the unexpectedly difficult lock.

Nick decided to take a swing at it with his warhammer but his blow merely bounced back off the metal portcullis and totally wrecked his face. The party eventually managed to stop the bleeding of his horribly mangled face and set up to take a short rest while they tended to Nick’s wounds further. Not even a minute into the rest the party was attacked by Stirges, one of them managing to attach itself to Scott’s leg. William, thinking quickly, managed to put all the Stirges to sleep and the party dispatched them with no further difficulty. The party retreated back to Great Ulfe’s quarters and took their short rest. Nick finally awoke and healed his wounds, thus allowing the party to push forward.

Scott broke the lock with relative ease and the party moved into the large room, choosing to descend the stairs into the dark abyss. Armed with torches to keep away anymore Stirges, traveling into the second large cavern, they were ambushed by a set of incredibly stealthy, javelin wielding Troglodytes. The party dispatched them with relative ease only to shortly thereafter confront a particularly nasty brown bear that had been caged in an adjoining cave. The bear managed to get the upper hand on Nick and took him down but was handily dealt with by William and Davide.

Finally, the party found themselves in a massive underground fungal forest, full of mushrooms and spores as tall as a man. They moved eastward along the only semi-defined path through the growth, only to be taken by suprise by a pair of Gricks. The Gricks hit them hard and fast, instantly dropping Nick and William. Davide and Scott fought hard and Davide also succumbed to his wounds before Scott finally finished off the Gricks, saving Nick at the very last possible moment.

The evening came to a close with Scott standing alone, in the large underground cave, surrounded by the rest of the party all unconscious and on the verge of death.

EDIT: For further clarification, if it wasn’t readily apparent, my eff up was using the Grick Alpha attack stats with the regular Grick defensive stats.


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