The Betrayal of the Stars

A Lucky Escape and a Confusing Break

Our session began in the most precarious of circumstances. Scott and Nick were being held underwater by the Roper, William was dangling in mid air and Davide managed to quell the beasts rage in just the nick of time by tossing a fish in his mouth. William and Davide managed to convince the beast to return them to safety by trading their Whiskey and as promised, the beast placed the party pack, relatively unscathed on the far shore. Scott did notice that the beast had some shiny objects but unfortunately the beast was unwilling to part with any of them without more Whiskey.

The party entered the last unexplored room on this level and discovered it was a prison block. The first 2 cells were open and completely empty but the 3rd one was locked and through the small barred window they could just make out the shape of a dwarf skeleton in rusted plate armor. The group attempted to get through the door but it’s superior construction prevented them from doing so and instead they chose to take an extended rest to recuperate from their fatigue and injuries. The party awoke after an uneventful rest, feeling refreshed and took one last shot at the locked cell door. Nick tried to take it down with brute force by swinging the gravity hammer at it but only managed to put a small dent in it.

As a last ditch effort, Davide attempted one final lock picking test and did manage to beat the contraption. Inside the cell the party discovered a small silk pouch underneath the ancient dwarf carcass and within it lie some platinum pieces and a key. The party prepared to venture forth but Scott was drawn back to the dwarf skeleton by his sword. Overwhelming feelings of bitter sadness and sorrow rolled at him in waves but he was unable to discern anything else from the sword.

The party snuck past the sleeping Roper and ventured back upstairs, making their way to the door within the Glitterhame that they were intending to go through when they were ambushed by the Gricks. Reaching the door, William was able to successfully unlock it using the key he found and the party entered into a very finely crafted Dwarven hall system. Rounding a corner in the halls, they found themselves face to face with an octagonal room containing two doors on the northeast and northwest walls as well as three statues. The statues on the east and west walls held a shield and an axe while the one on the north wall held 2 axes. Off in the distance the party could hear the sound of hammer ringing on anvil.

Davide checked for traps on the northwest door and detecting nothing, Nick opened it only to discover it was a false door and the 2 axes looming over the doorway held by the statues swung down and almost took off his arms. Reeling from the damage he healed himself back up while Davide attempted to check for traps on the other door. Sensing nothing again, Nick again opened this door, but this time with his Knock cantrip and the party was again greeted by a swinging axe trap.

Stumped about where to go next, Nick paid close attention to the sound of the hammer and was able to figure out that it was coming from somewhere behind the eastern wall. Scott managed to locate a secret door behind the statue on the eastern wall and opened it up to reveal a large ascending staircase. Davide took the lead and when he was about 3/4 of the way up a large voice cracked the air shouting, in dwarvish, “ALERT! ALERT! INTRUDERS!”.

Sensing danger, the party rushed up the stairs and opened the doors onto a massive hall with a 30 foot high vaulted ceiling supported by 10 intricately cut pillars and a large throne sitting on the far side. 5 doors led out of the hall, 2 on the northern wall, 2 on the southern wall, and 1 behind the throne. The party sought to enter the room but were stopped as a voice shouted at them from the shadows of the far side of the room, “This is your only warning, turn back now!”

William attempted to reason with the voice but Scott’s attempt at intimidation pushed them just a bit too far and the attackers, revealed to be dark skinned dwarves, opened fire on him with crossbows. Scott broke into a frenzy and between him and Davide they managed to take out the first crossbowman. Nick followed suit, taking out the other one while yet a third one, the voice that William was still attempting to reason with, dealt a serious blow to Davide with a dart from a hand crossbow before fleeing, invisibly, through the door behind the throne.

Scott, still frenzying, charged after her and found himself in a largish room with a stone banquet table in it and another crossbowman next to the door on the far side. He fought with the speaker whom William attempted to reason with earlier only to suddenly find himself reeling from yet another attacker, a female dark dwarf with an incredibly refined fighting style and a dual bladed sword.

Davide managed to kick Scott in the back, thus freeing up the entrance and the party finished off the 3 remaining combatants. Whilst they were looting the bodies, William came across another journal entry, written in Dwarvish and passed it to Nick. This is where we left off for the evening.


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